Welcome to Steppen!

<aside> 👌 Steppen is a free fitness marketplace, where

  1. Users come to achieve their fitness goals and

  2. Creators come to monetise their online community by selling fitness content.


To provide the best user and creator experience, Steppen has 2 apps:


On the Steppen app, Users are able to:

  1. Discover fitness content and creators

  2. Purchase creator’s workout programs

  3. Track their workouts

  4. Access tools to keep you motivated and on track with your fitness goals

On Steppen for Creators, creators are able to:

  1. Showcase your fitness content by having a more detailed creator profile

  2. Create & sell workout programs

  3. Access to tools that make content creation as seamless as possible

  4. Track your sales and content performance

  5. Invite your community with ease