<aside> 🗣️ Every workout created on Steppen is shareable to all platforms!

When a workout is created a website version of the workout is also created. If a user clicks on the shared link, they will either be diverted to the website (if they are not a Steppen user) or will be taken directly to the workout on Steppen (if they are a Steppen user).


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Screenshot_20220706-161918_Steppen for Creators.jpg

web browser - default state.png

How To share Your Workouts

  1. Select the workout that you want to share
  2. You will be shown the workout overview page
  3. On the top right hand corner, select the three dots
  4. Select “Share workout”
  5. Copy the Link, or press more to share via other social media options
  6. Every workout shared will do one of two thins:
    1. If you share it with someone who has the Steppen app they will be taken to the workout on app
    2. If you share it with someone who does not have Steppen, they will view a website version of the workout which they can then complete