<aside> 👉 Steppen’s content creation works like Spotify.

You can add exercise videos into a workout by simply selecting the exercises you wish you to add from either your personal library or the Steppen library and place them into a workout. Just like you would add songs into a playlist.


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How To Create a Time-Based Workout

  1. Click Create button on the navigation at the bottom of the screen
  2. Click “Create Timed Workout”
  3. Select “Add exercises”
  4. Choose between:
    1. My Exercises (your own uploaded exercises)
    2. Steppen Library (exercises uploaded by Steppen)
  5. Finding the right exercises to add:
    1. Filter: Using the icon on the top right hand side, you may filter how the exercises are shown
    2. Scroll: Scroll through the exercises to find the one you want
    3. Search: Tap on the search bar to search for a specific exercise
  6. Once you have found the exercises, press add
  7. Editing the workout:
    1. Editing individual exercise and rest times:
      1. Tap the exercise or rest time, and a pop-up will appear where you will be able to edit
    2. Select:
      1. By selecting one or multiple exercises, the creation tool bar will appear the bottom of the page
      2. By selecting multiple exercises, you may edit all the exercises at the same time
    3. Creation tool bar:
      1. Bulk edit- Allows you to edit the exercise and rest times for multiple exercises at the same time
      2. Delete- Allows you to delete single or multiple exercises at the same time
    4. Re-arrange:
      1. Press and hold the exercise until the component becomes highlighted
      2. Then you may move the exercise around
    5. Select “Add Note” to add any description you like
      1. Creators commonly use this section to detail any tips and technique / form advice for that particular exercises. May also be used to detail tempo, or reps to failure.
  8. Tap “Add an exercise”, if you would like to add additional exercises to the workout.
  9. After edits have been made, press Next
  10. On the next page, you may add overall workout details:
    1. Workout cover photo
    2. Workout Title
    3. Workout description
    4. Workout difficulty level
    5. Workout time
    6. Any relevant workout tags
  11. Press Preview
  12. Preview your workout
  13. You may Edit workout details, or add / edit exercises before posting
  14. Once ready, press Publish now

Video guide below